Welcome to Hodology.

Hodology Limited is a small consultancy specialising in the law, good practice, and history, of public rights of way and minor highways in England and Wales (and to a limited degree, Scotland).

Highway law and practice — particularly that concerning roads and paths used by the public mainly for recreation — is arcane and surprisingly complex in many areas, as witnessed by the number of cases that end up in the High Court. Even so, most cases are dealt with by administrative tribunals (typically council committees, and inspectors appointed by the Secretary of State) and at this level the services of a solicitor or counsel are often not necessary or appropriate. This is ‘practitioner level’ work, where a suitably qualified and experienced representative or advisor fits the bill better and is, of course, much cheaper.

The company principal is Alan Kind, who has over 30 years of experience in this area, with direct involvement in many hundreds of cases concerning modification orders, diversions, creations, stopping-up, planning issues, and traffic regulation orders. Alan has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in law from Newcastle University, and is delighted to have been made an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Public Rights of Way and Access Management (IPRoW). He has been the editor of
Byway and Bridleway, the Journal of the Byways & Bridleways Trust, from 1994 to 2012, and has contributed many papers to that publication. Alan’s work also includes town and country planning cases for sport and recreation, particularly motor sport sites. Alan writes:

“I am always reluctant to list ‘successes and achievements’ for fear of hubris and nemesis. I will say that as regards modification, diversion, deletion, and creation orders, and court applications, that I have either opposed or supported, counting outcomes dated during 2011, I got a satisfactory result in 70, and lost in 4. The 4 irk me rather more than the 70 please me. The outcome in 2012 was 96:11, and in 2012, 69:6. You will find on the following pages a set of papers that are either wholly, or significantly, ‘all my own work’. If you can find more breadth and depth of knowledge and experience elsewhere, then that is where you need to be. If you need knowledge and experience in rights of way and countryside access-for-sport matters, email me on hodology@mac.com.”

Hodology is the science or study of roads, and movement along them.

Materials made and collected by Alan Kind over the past thirty years, dealing with aspects of the history and recreational enjoyment of Britain’s ancient highways, are now on a companion website at this link.

Date of latest update: 2 February 2014.

Hodology Limited is registered in England, no. 2179480, Registered office: 45 The Fairway, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 5AQ.