Old Roads

Alan Kind: In 1997-9 I wrote, and Hodology Ltd published, a 90-page book on the old roads around ‘Alston Moor, Hartside & Geltsdale’. This was intended to be the first in a series, but no more followed, not least because this exercise taught me all about the economics and difficulties of self-publishing and — even more — self-selling. The chapters of this book are in the process of being reprinted here, and brought up-to-date where appropriate. I have some further chapters about other routes, and will add those in due course. Some of the photographs (which back in 1999 were BMP scans from pocket film camera originals) are a bit iffy, but it adds to the character … The lovely sketches are by Dave Young from my photographs.

TOROB cover
I have merged all the chapters into one PDF file. Click here to view or download.
15 April 2014. I have added a section about ‘Thief Street’, a route up where the North Pennines run down to the Roman Wall, and one whose name suggests considerable antiquity.This is added to the end of the merged chapters (above).

The study of roads and traffic