Chequers, Mate.

This website does not contain much that deals directly with the Scottish cattle droving trade (but see the paper on the Old Scotch Road), and that is something to be addressed in time. This postcard is postmarked 1908 and the chequer-board inn sign is still in place. The relationship between the inn / alehouse name ‘Chequers’ and the droving trade seems not to have been explained. Bonser sets it up in his ‘The Drovers‘, but Chequers as an inn / house / farm name does seem to relate to roads with an ancient origin, of the right location and character to have been used by the droving trade. Anyway, this one is up on Hambleton Street in the old North Riding, and you can find an article in Byway and Bridleway no. 3 of 1981, and a paper in the section on the Great North Road. This is the route the English army took to Flodden in 1513. Maybe there was an alehouse here even then? Why not … maybe the Earl of Surrey dropped in for a Campari and soda?

The Chequers Inn Hambleton Street