30 years and counting

There are a lot of chaps out there who cannot remember the time when mountain bikes were new. Gosh! It must be nice to have knees and internal organs that young. Olde Graveller was an early adopter of MTBs, first riding one in late 1984*, and buying his first 30 years ago, this year – the start of another pathway along which is strewn far too many thousands of pounds …

Anyway, here are two pages from Byway and Bridleway, the first ‘announcing’ the MTB in 1985, and the second from 1991, when the snowball really started rolling down the hill.

* The thing that first caught my interest was an advertisement in the weekly motorcycle paper Trials and Motocross News for the Cleland Aventura MTB, designed and manufactured by former trials rider Geoff Apps in the Chilterns. The MTB was invented in California? Mmmm … maybe it evolved in parallel locations including Buckinghamshire, England. The history of all this needs writing up whilst the protagonists are still with us.

B&B 1985.2.7

B&B 1991.6.23