Can-do Attitude

If you are involved with rights of way work then you will know that some highway authorities seem to spend more resources on not doing a job than it would take to do it. Not so Derbyshire County Council in a recent case.

Graveller was out on a site visit in that county in mid-June and happened upon a junction where a footpath left a bridleway, with skin-ripping barbed wire perilously close to a stile and gate. A letter winged its way to the CEO of DCC on 27 June.

On 6 July Henry Woolley of DCC emailed to say, “I have been and inspected the stile entrance and found it to be a possible safety issue with walkers accessing the stile. My investigations into trying to find the landowner, who would be responsible to carry out the repair / safety modification on the fence, came to an end when his neighbour said that he had recently died. So to ensure public safety, I returned to the site and covered the problem area with two lengths of MDPE pipe. The barbs on the wire around the gate post has been hammered into the wood, please see attached photos. I trust that this is to your satisfaction but if it isn’t, please notify me again.


So, a simple, pragmatic, prompt and effective solution, and a big ‘well done’ to Henry and DCC.