Purp Perps

Purpresture: Wrongful encroachment upon another’s property; esp., any encroachment upon, or inclosure of, that which should be common or public, as highways, rivers, harbors, forts, etc.

In Wideopen, North Tyneside, about five miles north of the centre of Newcastle, along the Great North Road, lie a couple of bridleways which, between them, have seen a great deal of obstruction and interference over the past decade – it will all get written-up one day.

One bridleway (part of North Tyneside Council’s excellent ‘Waggonways’ network) runs through a new housing development. One early morning back in the Spring, Olde Graveller happened to cycle along, only to find that the developer was quietly snaffling a metre or more of the right of way:

Perp #1

A s.130A notice to the council was in the postbox by lunchtime, quickly resulting in a slapped wrist for the developer, and the removal of the new fence (below). Well done North Tyneside Council.

Perp #2