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Notes & Materials on the Law of …

This set of notes is not intended to be a text book setting down hard law. It is written from a practitioner’s perspective and deals with the law and practice of bridleways and byways as derived from experience of ‘the process’ over thirty years.
Comments, criticisms and additional materials are welcomed so that these notes can be regularly updated. Please contact the author via this website.
All guides to legal matters are vulnerable to error and going out of date. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of these notes, readers should always take appropriate advice before committing to any course of action.

© Alan Kind 2015. These notes are copyright, and acknowledge the original copyright of materials quoted. Readers are welcome to print parts of these notes for their personal use only, but not as part of training or information materials without the express consent of the author. No part of these notes may be stored on, or made available directly from, any website or other information distribution system.

Notes & Materials on the Law of Bridleways and Byways.

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Notes & Materials on the Deletion and Downgrading of Public Rights of Way.

Notes & Materials on the Law of the Maintenance and Repair of Minor Highways.

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