Excuse Monkeys

In a judgment of 25 July 2012, HH Judge Roger Kaye QC dealt with a challenge to the non-registration of a town or village green on land at Belle Vue Park, Consett County Durham [2012] EWHC 1934 (Admin). In a decision letter of 4 September 2012, Inspector Michael Moffoot confirmed an order made under s.257 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to extinguish an unspecified number of ‘unrecorded public rights of way’ also at Belle Vue Park.
Mr Moffoot’s decision triggered a complaint to PINS’ ‘Quality Assurance’ department, listing seven heads of concern, on 22 October 2012.
The complainant heard nothing more, and wrote again on 11 April 2013 (25 weeks later, aka half a year) asking if he was going to get a reply. On 17 April 2013 Ian Kane, Executive Officer (Quality Assurance) responded by email.
“I apologise unreservedly for the unconscionably long time it is taking for you to receive a reply to your original letter about it … this is to assure you that I am now treating it as a matter of urgency … I am very sorry for the delay and I look forward to replying very soon.”
“Very soon” and “urgency” must each have a different meaning in Bristol. In November 2015, some two and a half years later, the complainant has heard nothing more. No letter or, as Marvin might say, no electronic sausage either. Time to outsource this role to Capita or Amey? They could hardly do a worse job, could they?