Lot of bottle

Sigg’s aluminium and stainless steel drink bottles had a degree of quality about them in a world of cheap and sweaty plastic, which is the Devil’s own job to keep clean. Olde Graveller has for many years used a treasured ‘retro’ stainless flask with an over-centre stopper-lock just like those on Corona pop bottles delivered to his Granny’s house by a horse-dray in the 1950s.

Sigg Bottle

As all things must pass, so did the sealing washer. Buy a replacement at a Sigg stockist? Not so simple: this bottle type has been discontinued, and a demerit to Sigg for not keeping spares available to keep perfectly good bottles out of the recycling bin.

Anyway, an email to Sigg followed, and the people at the UK end of the operation went to the trouble of finding a couple of sealing washers and sending them to Graveller Towers, gratis. Thanks gents, and unless Mrs Graveller sits on it, the bottle should see out Grav’s declining years.