Forensic Science.

Dr Stuart S. Kind (1925-2003) spent his working life as a Home Office forensic scientist, and was a founder of the Forensic Science Society and an editor of its journal. Stuart’s many professional published papers are kept in the library of the Society in Harrogate, but this site has for download two of his books about forensic science.

The Sceptical Witness: A life in forensic science, by Stuart Kind. [Less than 1mb PDF. This PDF version has been outputted from the original DTP files, but typefaces have changed and the pages have not been tidied up much — expect ‘widows & orphans’.] Click on the book cover to open or download.

TSW cover

The Sceptical Witness in ebook format. Thanks to the kindness and enthusiasm of Ian Halmonroyd in making the necessary file formats, you can now download The Sceptical Witness in both .mobi (for Kindle) and .epub (for many other devices) formats. We have tested the .mobi version on a Kindle and it works well, but please let us know if you find and glitches.

The Sceptical

The Sceptical Witness.epub

The Scientific Investigation of Crime, by Stuart Kind. [This is a 9.0mb PDF file. The book was originally in Crown Copyright, but the author later gained permission to republish facsimiles of the original (which was set on a typewriter).] Click on the book cover to open or download.

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