Ten weeks to prove to yourself what you're capable of when you're unapologetically you.

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Is the Hodology programme right for you?

​Have you ever been told that you're too much or not enough?
Have you hidden part of who you are to get ahead?
Have you ever felt pressured to compromise your values?
Have you lost touch with who you are?
Do you want to start making more choices but don't know how to start?
Can you imagine what you could accomplish if you stop asking for permission?

Believing you can change what isn't working for you is a powerful choice.

But then what?

With practice you can ditch the unfulfilling status quo and create something amazing.


That's why on the Hodology programme you're not just going to be talking about it. You’re going to be doing it.

Yasemin, London

"Libby has a unique way of seeing things, she brings a whole other perspective you have not thought about to the fore, and ultimately it's you that realises it, Libby just paths your way in getting there. I have grown in so many ways and it's because I got the right coaching at the right time."