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Our Hodology Manifesto

We believe in the power of women in leadership roles. Their inherent ability to shape the world and the unique perspectives they bring to the table benefit us all.

We believe women do not need fixing. Our role is not to change who our clients are or encourage them to fit into a preconceived mould but to help them to be the truest version of themselves.

However, we recognise that societal norms and gender biases can impact a woman's career path, and we're committed to helping our clients navigate these realities with relevant insights.

We are not here to provide opinions. We believe that you are the best person to decide your direction. Our role is to help you understand your options. We reconnect you with your compass and illuminate potential paths.

We understand that the journey to the top is filled with potential pitfalls, and we're dedicated to equipping our clients with the knowledge, skills, and insights they need to navigate this journey.

We see the value in bringing science to leadership. Our methodologies are research-led, ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of behavioural science to provide the most relevant and impactful insights.

We are passionate about being person-centred, acknowledging that each client is an individual with unique experiences and needs. Where possible the information we provide is informed by our client's intersectional identity.


We are process-focused. We are interested in the state of flow or change through which systems and individuals grow and evolve. We help our clients to learn and apply processes so that they no longer need us.

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