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The CEO Shortfall: Executive transition consultancies may be the solution.

Updated: Feb 23

How Executive Transition Consultancies prevent premature exits.

The CEO shortfall refers to the gap that exists when CEOs leave their positions earlier than expected — before they have had the opportunity to fulfil their long-term strategic objectives and goals for the company. The CEO shortfall can have significant negative impacts on a company, including lost revenue, decreased morale, and a decline in the company’s reputation. A number of factors can cause this, but growing evidence suggests many of them can be averted by making a strategic impact in their first 100 days.

Whether it’s a merger or acquisition, a leadership succession, or a strategic realignment, these transitions can be complex, disruptive, and risky. Executive transition consultancies work to prevent CEO shortfalls by helping to ensure a smooth transition and successful integration of new CEOs. Executive transition consultancies like ours are firms that specialise in helping companies like yours manage transitions at the senior leadership level, C-Suite and adjacent. We accelerate C-Level integration by providing guidance and support to executives as they move into their new roles.

In recent years, specialist consultancies like ours have seen a surge in demand as more and more companies realise the benefits of working with experts who can guide newly appointed CEOs through the challenges of their first 100 days.

Here are some key reasons why:






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