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Libby Vincent is an in demand public speaker leading the conversation on how to help more #womenloveleadership

Meet Libby


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As the founder of Hodology and an intersectional feminist, Libby Vincent is on a mission to help more #womenloveleadership.


Ex FTSE 50 business leader, 15 years + in organisational change consulting and leadership development. Libby Vincent is the founder of Hodology, an executive transition consultancy specialising in assisting C-level women in making a strategic impact in their first 100 days.

As a public speaker she talks about,

  • Women in leadership

  • Authenticity and personal brand

  • Feminism in a corporate environment

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How Authenticity Drives Productivity and Engagement

Are you constantly hiding your true self at work, afraid to show vulnerability or reveal yourself? Do you feel like you're constantly putting on a "work persona" to fit in or meet others' expectations? If so, you're not alone – many of us feel we have to hide our true selves to succeed in the workplace. But the cost of masking is high for individuals and organisations.

In this thought-provoking talk, I will explore the cost of masking and the perceived risks of authenticity in the workplace. Drawing on research from psychology and organisational behaviour, as well as my own experience as a DE&I leader, I will show how authenticity drives productivity and engagement and how organisations can create a culture that values authenticity. I'll also talk about how challenging this can be for those who identify as non-neurotypical.


You'll leave this talk with a new understanding of the power of authenticity and practical strategies for overcoming the fear of vulnerability. Plus, guidance on how to support those for whom masking is a life long habit.

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Talk to me about how I can help your organisation understand the challenges and opportunities of encouraging and retaining more women in leadership positions.

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