Coaching and retreats for professional women ready to find a path as interesting as they are.

A change programme for changing the direction of your career, life or relationships.

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Why do interesting women like you choose to join Hodology?

We believe that everyone has their own unique path and that on yours,
you don’t need to fit in to get ahead.

​Explore the alternatives to everything you've been told not to be.

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The Hodology programme is for mid-career women who want to start putting their values at the heart of their career planning.​


Hodology will help you stay true to yourself as you navigate life's challenges and opportunities.​

"We don't need to learn how to conform or compromise, we need to learn how to make who we are our greatest asset."

Libby Vincent - Founder, Hodology

The Hodology programme helps you to better understand yourself, accept yourself and show the world what you're capable of when you're show up as yourself.


Learn to maintain focus to achieve identified goals, translate abstract goals into concrete actions, build motivation and reconnect with what makes you unique.

Yasemin, London

"Libby sees things you don't - it'll freak you out! She's super friggin bright and ultimately cares about you and your process."