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Inclusive Leadership

Bring Out The Best In Everyone




6 weeks

Creating a space where everyone thrives.

Who is this course for?

Forward-thinking leaders who truly get the game-changing power of cognitive diversity and want to bring it to life.

Rapid scaling, hybrid working, post-M&A culture shock, increasingly diverse teams and less room for error — feeling out of your depth as a manager is easy, even for those of us who have led teams for years.

Imagine a leadership style that doesn’t just direct but deeply connects with every individual's unique talents, know-how, and drive. This is the heart of Inclusive Leadership.

Grind to Growth

Fed up with the endless grind? It’s time to lighten up. Shift your leadership from task-focused to people-powered. Learn how to transform your leadership style to foster an environment where every team member is empowered to contribute their best, ensuring the collective success of the team.

Oversight to Ownership

Demystify the process of setting clear, respectful boundaries and leveraging accountability mechanisms. Learn how to guide your team in taking personal responsibility for their actions and outcomes, empowering them to solve challenges independently while ensuring alignment with the team’s goals and values.

Carrot to Caring

Carrot and stick? Not on our watch. Shift the focus from relying on external incentives to sparking intrinsic motivation within your team members. Uncover strategies to understand what truly drives each individual and how to align these drivers with team objectives.

Why This Workshop?

Are you ready to lead a team where every individual feels understood, valued, and driven—not by mandate but by a shared sense of purpose. This workshop peels back the layers of traditional leadership, revealing the core of what makes teams tick: inclusion, motivation, and psychological safety.


Six weeks of weekly masterclasses and hands-on, cohort-based workshops, encouraging reflection, growth, and genuine connection. Each session deepens your understanding of inclusive leadership, motivation, and psychological safety, while the cohort homework is your space to discuss how to apply these insights in real-world contexts.


Unpack the complexities of what truly motivates individuals (including you), and move beyond traditional incentives to foster a deeply motivated, engaged, and productive team.


Learn the art of setting clear boundaries and implementing accountability mechanisms that encourage autonomy and minimise the need for direct intervention.


Create strategies for building an environment where team members feel safe to express ideas, take risks, and voice concerns without fear of retribution.

Business Outcomes

Teams become more agile, adaptable, and better equipped to tackle complex challenges, driving forward business growth and competitive advantage.

Employees who feel valued, understood, and supported are more likely to be committed to their organisation's goals and less likely to leave.

Diverse perspectives and ideas, leading to healthy risk taking, improved problem-solving, creativity, and innovation.

Great! So what will this training experience cost you?

The cost of our leadership training gets shaped just like our sessions—around what you need. It boils down to how many folks are joining in, how much of a personal touch you're after, and whether we're meeting online or face-to-face.


Simple, transparent, and tailored to fit your team's vibe and budget. Ready to build something great together without the guesswork on price? Let's chat.

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