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Levers Of Leadership

Ways of Working for Senior Leadership




6 Hrs

High achievers are great, but a high-achieving team? That's where the managerial magic happens. Our senior leadership ways of working workshop makes it easy.

Who is this course for?

Strategic recruitment? A bold restructuring? Or surfing the waves of merger or acquisition activity? All eyes are on your new Senior Leadership Team. How you come together now makes all the difference to everyone.

New Team, Who Dis? Stepping into a senior leadership team or bringing together a fresh leadership team? Each of you has navigated your way to the top with your unique blend of style and substance. But leadership is a team sport.

This isn't Leadership 101 or team building cringe. The Levers of Leadership is a ways of working workshop for building a high-performance team that knows how to play to each other's strengths.

Strategy to Synergy

Discover how to make diverse leaders work as a unified team. It's not about uncomfortable compromise—it's about creating synergy. Learn to blend diverse management styles into a unified strategy that propels everyone forward together.

Effort to Excellence

Learn the art of group juggling—no, not the circus kind. We’re talking about allocating your efforts and energy like a pro. Ensure every move you make, every breath you take fuels your wider team's productivity.

Autonomy to Achievement

Set the stage for individual brilliance to shine. Empower your team, encouraging professional autonomy that doesn’t just grow your people but also the success of your collective mission.

Why this workshop?

Forget one-size-fits-all. "Levers of Leadership" understands that every leadership team is unique. This course speaks your language, addresses your pain points, and celebrates your strengths.

It starts with a personal leadership traits assessment and ends with you feeling like a leadership force to be reckoned with, ready to take on the world (or at least the next quarter).


Spread over three half-day online sessions, perfect for those who like to marinate on new ideas or apply them in real-time, or one immersive, in-person session for those who prefer to move fast and fix things.


Learn effective strategies for quickly integrating diverse leadership styles and experiences into a cohesive, high-functioning senior leadership team.


Design a strategy that celebrates the unique strengths of each team member, ensuring that the leadership team makes strategic decisions together.


Learn how to create and sustain a unique leadership team culture that promotes collaboration, innovation, and resilience.

Business Outcomes

Reduced friction and faster decision-making processes leads to quicker implementation of strategies and initiatives.

Resources are allocated efficiently, and efforts are directed toward the most impactful areas.

Aligned agility enables leadership to embrace new trends and navigate challenges more effectively.

Great! So what will this training experience cost you?

The cost of our leadership training gets shaped just like our sessions—around what you need. It boils down to how many folks are joining in, how much of a personal touch you're after, and whether we're meeting online or face-to-face.


Simple, transparent, and tailored to fit your team's vibe and budget. Ready to build something great together without the guesswork on price? Let's chat.

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