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Scaling Culture

Scale The Culture You Love




1 Day

Now, as you stand on the edge of everything you dreamt of, how do you ensure the spirit of what made you special doesn't get left behind?

Who is this course for?

You're leading a team that's going through ch.. ch.. ch... changes, and know that culture and shared values are at the heart of attracting and retaining the talent you need to scale.

Growth is great, but not when it costs you the culture you've worked hard to build. That unique “we’re in this together” vibe is what made you special. Let’s keep it that way.

Buzzwords to Behaviours

Sick of buzzwords? We are too. It’s time those motivational laptop stickers earned their keep. Because values are meant to do more than just decorate your wallsthey're meant to guide every step you take, together,

Vision to Victory

Together, we will roll up our sleeves and draft a master plan. A scale playbook that doesn't just whisper but shouts your company culture, making sure it's heard and felt everywhere, from your virtual spaces to your brick-and-mortar offices.

Harmony to Horizon

Misaligned leadership? Not on our watch. We’re here to get your leaders, old and new, on the same page. By working together, you will ensure your company's growth strengthens, not stretches, your culture.

Why This Workshop?

Forget the fluff and jargon. This is about real, straight-talking strategies that actually work. Spend one day with us, and you’ll leave equipped to scale your culture without losing an ounce of its identity.


Our one-day scaling culture workshops are designed for cohorts of up to 10 people. Sessions should be repeated quarterly to measure and build on progress as your company evolves.


Develop a deeper understanding of your organisational values and beliefs through our Hodology culture model.


Learn to strike a balance between change and conservation to build a lasting community that works for hybrid, remote and global teams.


Gain skills in broadcasting and reinforcing your organisational values so that they become actions and behaviours (not just slogans and laptop stickers).

Business Outcomes

Common language, values, and standards that drive and reinforce desired behaviours as your organisation grows.

Increased motivation, productivity, and overall job satisfaction associated with a sticky employee experience.

An employer brand that attracts top talent, reducing the costs and disappointments associated with growth phase talent acquisition.

Great! So what will this training experience cost you?

The cost of our leadership training gets shaped just like our sessions—around what you need. It boils down to how many folks are joining in, how much of a personal touch you're after, and whether we're meeting online or face-to-face.


Simple, transparent, and tailored to fit your team's vibe and budget. Ready to build something great together without the guesswork on price? Let's chat.

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