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Trust By Design

What makes a leader? Describing where we're going so others follow.




3 Days

Trust is more than doing what you say. It's staying true to who you are.

Who is this course for?

If you're building a culture where trust, psychological safety, and authenticity aren't just buzzwords but the real deal, this is for you.

While everyone's throwing around "authenticity" like confetti, few really get what it means to live it out, especially in the leadership arena. We do.

Authenticity is about showing up as yourself, creating a space where everyone feels safe to do the same. Authentic Leadership is about balancing vulnerability with boundaries so that you can authentically relate to your team while remaining the bossit’s about paving the way for a team that’s diverse, innovative, and downright dynamite in performance.

Awareness to Authenticity

Ever wonder what kind of leader you really are? With our Hodology self-awareness assessment and model, get ready to meet the person in chargeyou. When you understand your unique blend of styles and behaviours, you gain the clarity to describe it.

Guarded to Genuine

Think of vulnerability and privacy not as opponents, but as partners in crime (if the crime is inclusion). Learn how to strike the perfect balance, creating an environment where your team feels safe enough to be themselves.

Principles to Practice

When you understand the anatomy of trust, you can break down where trust might be faltering within your team. More importantly, with practical tools and strategies to diagnose trust issues, you can take actionable steps to solve them.


Spread across three one-day sessions. Monthly gives you and your crew plenty of space to mull things over and try out what you’ve picked up. Perfect for those ‘aha!’ moments and real-world practice. Weekly helps teams who know they have bridges to build, fast!


Understand the fundamental components of trust in leadership contexts. This includes identifying the signs of eroding trust and applying targeted strategies to assess trust levels within their teams effectively.


Gain expertise on practical steps leaders can take to restore confidence, build psychological safety and reinforce the integrity of their relationships with team members.


Learn to implement trust-based leadership practices that inspire and motivate teams, including leveraging personal authenticity to foster a culture of open communication and mutual respect.

Business Outcomes

A safe space for creativity and risk-taking, encouraging the generation of breakthrough ideas and solutions.

A workforce that can quickly respond to changes and challenges, driving operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

Recognition as an employer of choice, attracting top-tier talent motivated by values of trust and transparency.

Great! So what will this training experience cost you?

The cost of our leadership training gets shaped just like our sessions—around what you need. It boils down to how many folks are joining in, how much of a personal touch you're after, and whether we're meeting online or face-to-face.


Simple, transparent, and tailored to fit your team's vibe and budget. Ready to build something great together without the guesswork on price? Let's chat.

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