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Authentic Leadership

What makes a leader? It's describing where we're going in a way that makes people follow you there.

Unsurprisingly, authenticity is omnipresent in modern leadership models. After all, leaders are tasked with influencing and engaging their teams, so leaders must create real connections and shared purpose... or at least that's the hope.

Every leader needs to figure out how to build trust and credibility, but deciding how much of yourself to bring to work is easier said than done.

Identity, Integration, and Integrity: being true to yourself and others is more than knowing who you are. It's staying true to who you are.


In a nutshell

Struggling to find your managerial mojo? This course helps leaders unleash the kind of human magic you see at work at some of the most high-performing companies.

Is it right for me?

You are a seasoned leader or business owner who needs a strong, authentic leadership style to connect with your team and build psychological safety.

Course format

Four two-hour instructor-led classes designed for cohorts of up to 20. Sessions can be weekly or monthly, allowing for a deeper exploration of each topic and giving participants time to reflect and apply their learnings.

Outcomes for leaders

Develop a deeper understanding of your leadership styles and behaviours through our self-awareness model.

Learn to strike a balance between vulnerability and privacy and how to encourage professional authenticity in others.

Gain skills in utilising the proprietary tool to measure authenticity levels within your teams.

Outcomes for organisations

Development of a leadership culture grounded in authenticity, fostering cognitive diversity and innovation.

Improvement in team dynamics and performance as leaders apply authenticity measures and tools.

Strengthened reputation as an employer that values innovative leadership and employee well-being.

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