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Scaling Culture

80% of employees work for organisations with stated values, but only 23% agreed that they could apply those values to their everyday work.

While “values” have been a part of the zeitgeist for a long time abstract values such as “innovation,” “respect,” or “drive” can mean different things to different people. And since hypergrowth companies increase their headcount very quickly, culture can swiftly get lost in translation.

This course helps leaders translate company values into priorities, decisions, and actions that future-proof the culture you love.

For corporate purpose to be successful, leaders themselves must first be clear about what drives them and the people around them.


In a nutshell

Scaling rapidly? You need a culture strong enough to weather the changes. Learn how to broadcast your values to hundreds (or thousands) of employees across the globe.

Is it right for me?

You're leading a team that's going through changes and know that culture and shared values are at the heart of attracting and retaining the talent you need to scale.

Course format

A one-day course designed for cohorts of up to 10 people. Sessions can be repeated quarterly to measure and build on progress as your company evolves. 

Outcomes for leaders

Develop a deeper understanding of your organisational values and beliefs through our culture model.

Learn to strike a balance between change and conservation to build a lasting community.

Gain skills in broadcasting and reinforcing your organisational values so that they become actions and behaviours.

Outcomes for organisations

Common language, values, and standards that drive and reinforce desired behaviours as your organisation grows.

Employee belonging and community lead to increased motivation, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

Better able to attract and retain top talent, reducing the costs and disruptions associated with high turnover.

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